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    I haven’t a clue if this makes sense but it’s the only thing I could get out today. It was randomly inspired after seeing Ty Pennington on Tameron Hall show today when relating how he was never home because of working almost ten years straight....he’s cat left. He also said “his plants died...relationship fell apart” but for some reason “the cat left” struck out in this writer’s mind. You know it’s not good when your cat ups and leave you.. Even if you don’t have a cat...you have symbolical truly felt the sting of rock bottom. No further explanation. It’s one of those things you either going to get or. not...it’s all how your mind connects the dots.

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    She knew rock bottom🥺was upon her when
    the spider🕷stop bobbing & weaving
    the ants 🐜 found a new picnic spot
    the birds🦅flew
    on the opposite side
    of the street
    the rabbit🐰walked away like
    he’s name was Bugs Bunny🚶🏽
    but she didn’t feel the intensity😭
    of rock bottom until
    🐈 her cat left.