• finnisam 10w

    Lego Set

    He smiled and while he smiled
    His lego set was dismantled,
    Torn to shreds, smashed to pieces
    By forces unknown.
    The foundations crumbled, the walls fell down
    And Jericho was circled once more
    Thanks to the words of a noble whore.

    Built by his own hands, a tear ran down his cheek
    For the grief of a broken lego set made this man weak.

    The bookshop
    The train station
    The airport
    The police station
    The fire station

    All came tumbling down.

    Dismantled. Was it ever built?
    Did the impermanence of lego contribute to his guilt?
    Or was it his rage that destroyed the lego set?
    Did Man create the turmoil that he learned to regret?

    Left with the pieces. He picks them up.
    Bigger than a lego set.
    Bigger than a game.
    The world lights itself on fire.
    Can we say the same?