• debanka 10w


    It's rather impossible,
    Not to get lost into the depth of her eyes
    As she talks and her eyes shimmer
    Like a soft flame dancing in the fireplace
    Of a cottage, in a dark snowy evening.
    I feel rather stupid, as my heart skips a beat
    And my mind is adrift
    In the dark clouds of her lustrous hair
    I lapse for a moment, wondering
    How this bewitching lass is even so close to me
    That I feel her warmth
    and can almost hear her heartbeat..
    As my mind is lost in the universe
    Where she is existence and time herself..
    I find her looking at me..
    With that familiar denoucing look..
    Her perfect eyebrows curved into
    a dangerously raised arch..
    I just smile, sheepishly..
    She has caught me once again
    As I lapse into the unfathomable depths
    Of her beauty.. that she disapproves..
    But then again.. I am only a human..
    And was ever a human immune
    to magic..?