• tricetoni 11w

    I just turned a year older
    I'm scared I'm growing old too fast but I'm also excited that God has allowed me to see yet another year, another decade!
    He promised to satisfy me with long life
    And I know it's a blessing
    His blessing maketh rich and addeth no sorrow
    Guess what!
    I also received a birthday gift from the love of my life
    Jesus gave me himself and there's no greater gift than this
    He is my hope and salvation
    I'm him I live,move and find my being.
    We have an unbreakable bond
    If he was to leave,I swear I'd rather die
    But he promised me he'll be with Me till the close of age.
    This year I hope to grow in his love.

    I love you Lord

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    Happy Birthday to Me