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    I'll love you even when you're millions of miles away. I'll go and fetch the man you left there. I'll find him. I'll heal him and I'll pamper him. I'll show him that he's special and loved. I'll show him how he's turned my world. I'll show him that there's someone who cares. Till then, I'll love the man he has left behind, The man he is now, the man that's mine. No matter where you go, what you go through, I'll always be there as a part of your journey, with tears in my eyes and prayers in my heart. Sounds stupid but that's how I am - an emotional fool ! But I promise I'll never cry away from you. I promise to not snatch that privilege from you. I know it's hard and tiring but I also know that you're special and a prised possession! I know your worth and I know that you're doing all that you can. I respect you. I'll be there with you, waiting for you millions of miles away.
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    Millions of miles away

    Millions of miles away
    He left the man
    who he stared in the mirror.
    He felt he had flown away,
    He saw himself fade away,
    Millions of miles away.

    He struggled and fought,
    Fought with his own soul,
    Climbing the mounts,
    waiting all day
    To have one look at the dawn that hid
    Millions of miles away.

    He didn't see the sunrise he wanted,
    But found a light that shone for him,
    He found the teeth that peeped for him,
    And tears that shed only in front of him,
    For they found their shelter in that hold of his. They buried and healed everyday,
    Millions and millions of miles away.

    He failed to realise the depth he held
    Of earning a young heart at bay,
    He failed to realise the magnitude of his strength
    That pivoted the life of the little light he had.

    I know he wanted a different sunrise
    I know he wanted a little peace
    I know I'm not the perfect piece
    But I know I try to be that ease.

    Millions of miles away
    He searches for a road
    While a home awaits him
    right beside his door
    Millions of miles away
    A poetess sings his name -
    In her words and her prayers.
    The restless heart settles at his name,
    Millions and millions of miles away.
    Millions and millions of miles away.