• danielpobz 6w


    Since I'm in a position to talk and these kids and they listen
    It's my responsibility to reach out and give them meaning
    Listen here wether you're beautiful or cute
    Kids who are down and fallen into disrespute

    They call me a menace and if the shoe fits, I'll wear it
    But don't make these kids hunch back and bear it
    Kids, if you got the power, go ahead and take it
    Take a hold of your life, take charge and steer it

    Now who's the king of these rude ludicrious lyrics?
    Someone who could take care of the youth, who could inherit?
    Using his verses, sharing his view and his merits?
    But they say kids shouldn't read it or hear it

    Maybe it's hate that I spew, maybe it's sustenance for the spirit
    Maybe it's just a poem I made for you to just cherish
    Positivity is all that matters here and that's it
    Point that negativity to them kids and throw it

    It's sad that even if I break it down for all of you
    I still won't make it through
    Like when I say roof, like the doberman said
    I still think the roof will go over your head