• yaaseen_gallant 5w

    Cupid is a bad marksman

    They speak of star-crossed lovers.
    Loudly proclaimed are Romeo & Juliet
    As though our stories pale in comparison
    Next to the fiction of how two people met.

    But our story is no less of a love
    Than they must have felt.
    Replayed by actors through the ages;
    Hearts across the world do melt.

    It began, as all things do,
    With a fixed stare across an open space.
    At first it was only I who saw her;
    Lost in the surroundings of this new place.

    I suppose it was then that I already knew
    That she was all I'd ever need.
    How beautiful she was, eyes dancing in the rain
    Of a drowning sea within a blossoming seed.

    Perhaps when she first saw me on that fateful day
    She felt the same way too.
    I'd like to think that, but it's far in the ruminations
    Of a wishful mind with hopes few.

    I often think about how
    Maybe we'd have been two halves of the same heart.
    Beating as one, in a synchronized breath.
    But to get to the finish line, we'd first have to start.

    Alas, our time together would have fate sitting
    Within arms reach and yet so far.
    At least Kindness let slip once
    That us being together is like wishing upon a star.

    But I still made that wish,
    For I had nought to lose and all to gain.
    But as the years would wrench us apart,
    I needed longer arms, as chance did wane.

    Now I sit here, day after day.
    Wondering about what could have been.
    Wondering what if I took that step,
    Wondering what I could have seen.

    Our heart no longer pumps:
    Which side failed first? Impossible to tell.
    Now trying to revive what's dead is
    Like throwing coins in a wishing well.

    I still wish her well even if fate eludes me.
    This life, at me, does scoff.
    In the times we live in,
    Many chances are already missed as I begin to cough.

    Romeo's bated breath already caught in his throat
    As his last words are silently lost to time.
    Gasping her name towards the end,
    Drowning in his own blood akin to how I lament in this rhyme.

    She was the air in my lungs
    And now oxygen in my blood is low.
    Cause of death: Covid-19,
    Ebbing tides of life and love alike: Death is slow.