• krazyk87 26w


    If I can think of every slow jam I listen to
    Every feeling every beat will resemble you
    You are the downbeat to my heart
    Such a beautiful melody
    Could you be the Jodeci that have me feenin
    Or the Mi'chele that's hooked on you
    Or maybe you created the Miki in me
    Because ain't nobody like you
    Do you practice what you preach like Berry?
    Are you the everlasting love like Tony Terry?
    Everytime you far away from me
    My tears fall like Marsha and I'm missing you like Mary
    But dig this you are my fire and desire
    You are the gold luck charm that I'm inspired
    The purple rain to my heart
    Keep me warm as the love my life
    My true inspiration and my tender kisses
    My escape from pain that I run to
    And if you ever ask yes I want to
    You are my rhythm and blues