• taranicole 24w


    1,460 days or 4 years,
    Thats a very long time.
    To not see my children,
    To not have them by my side.
    To not hear their laughter,
    To not wipe away their tears.
    To not support their goals,
    To not chase away their fears.
    To not see their sweet faces,
    To not be able to smell their hair.
    To not referee their arguments,
    To not teach them what's fair.
    To not know all their favorites,
    To not show them how to share.
    To not encourage all they hope for,
    To not wake up with them there.
    To not vanish nightmare monsters,
    To not nurture all of their dreams.
    To not kiss away little boo boos,
    To not tell them how much they mean.
    To not be able to say I love you,
    To not know who they are today.
    To not know if they have forgotten me,
    To not ever being close to okay.
    1460 days of trying
    To pretend that I am strong.
    Praying God will light the way,
    For us to be together as we belong.