• pawarme 5w

    If u!!

    If you think you know me
    then do tell me what you know
    if you think you know me
    then do tell me from where to where I grow

    What I see in that night sky
    where as I'm a lover of rise
    why I think those clouds make up the shape just give me some sign
    Why I think things happening are related to my life

    Why I talk to lifeless things as if they know me
    my story my poems and my life
    Why I think I can make all go right
    Why I think that everyone must be thanking alike
    Why I behave as if it's not a real but a reel life
    Why I be myself when the time isn't right

    If you think you know me then I might get surprised
    If you think you know me then let me tell you I don't know myself still right

    Am an oxymoron confused in my own lines
    Am just a fuss pot entangled in all the thread stitching my mind
    I'm an worrywart focusing on things which isn't seen to your naked eye
    I'm just me confident for you and edgy about my own life

    Am just like M's down stroke
    Making my hump go right
    Am just like that "e" of me
    Underestimating myself and then curling and stepping back from my own rise

    But still am me
    loving my own blemish as a they are the art of my Shabby grase
    but still I'm finding myself in the excellence of the scars and in the rhymes of what I say