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    I'm still dying, Diane.
    I dive,
    into the depths of your nonsense.
    I'm lying, Diane,
    waiting for something to happen to me
    -That quiet and inaudible dream,
    or some verse, in my dead head,
    or the sound of the wind under the window,
    -or a scream ...
    Above the tired roof, up,
    another dawn descends on the town
    where i was born, where i was die,
    and the night lightly dresses like a whore
    and sneaks out of the room, satisfied with her prey.
    I don't even have the strength to turn around.
    She will definitely take her's tip.
    The clock is ticking loudly
    and that sound that morning brings,
    swallows everything in front of it;
    - fears, exhausted desires, plans and dreams.
    This town will dawn,
    a graveyard of dead ideas,
    of dead faces
    with the eternal names of dead ends.
    As it goes out,
    the last cry of a restless soul,
    I run to sleep to the end of the planet Earth,
    once and for all,
    and let the verses keep you awake...

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    „Graveyard of dead ideas"