• darrshna 37w


    I laugh,
    And I try to laugh out hardest
    Washing off all the tears I once had
    In the nights when I was not held
    I laugh,

    And I find more in myself
    With the each open loud breath
    Being now, being in here
    I laugh....

    And at times I ask questions
    Deep enough to tear wide open
    Heart of sky, soul of earth
    Volcano is this laugh

    You hear it, so loud and clear
    I beg you to stop, a while...
    Let's just breath,
    Once again

    Here I am staring sky
    Clear lights above my head,
    Are divine, answer to my all questions
    Sitting with stillness
    And no motion
    I laugh

    Need none of occasions,
    no more supressions!
    Just burst out at times,
    Diving into the madness
    And no one askes much
    reasons behind laughs.