• writers_mantra 6w

    Nana !

    You have inspired me at each stage of Life. By holding my hand on each day. And teaching me everything which u know....❤ I love u Nana for what u have given !! I love u when u have patience to solve each problem of my life...!
    When u push me to do Good, when I struggle and strive. Nana, perfection starts with you, perfection ends on you. I just want to be like you., I wish that I could tooo.. ❤
    You r my hero ! You r the world to me ! U didn't expressed ur love towards me but I can feel ur love when u care for me, when u do hard for me,..! you r reason to my smile..u are the reason behind every good things and bad things ....
    Nothing can change the love that I hold for u in my heart Nana ❤
    I love u the most