• bloodybutterfly 5w


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    It's a day of empty hours and white noise
    I wish I could tell you where time is going
    But I seem to have lost all sense of it
    It's all shifting focus and meaningless echo
    How long have I been here
    Why does it matter
    What else is out there
    I can't seem to remember

    I'm losing touch with all reason, all coherent thought
    And have long since lost sense of the world, sight of reality
    I've become one with the static that surrounds me
    There's nothing beyond the surreal, nothing beyond lethargy
    And I stop existing in any meaningful way
    And was I ever anything at all? Was I ever a who, a what? Anything beyond a something, a something lost among static noise?
    Was I even there? Did it ever matter? Will it ever end?