• staryvae 5w

    ~ No grudges just move forward ~

    I am socially awkward sometimes
    Not the nicest person in the room

    I unknowingly intimidate people
    Dislikes by few for some reason, maybe bcos I am opinionated or I have strong personality

    I don't have so many friends
    I am no popular, never wished to be

    Although, know im no ugly nor a bad person
    I don't intentionally hurt anyone nor wish any ill will

    I just want to be left my business alone as what I do to others
    But if you hurt me don't expect anything from me

    You won't hear anything from me at all
    No words or actions will be given from me
    I'll let you do what you do, it will be against you anyhow

    But if I say No more, I mean it
    And don't taste my water, you might won't like it

    However, I don't hold it against you, I just prefer to do nothing with you.

    If you are not good to me at all, then why waste a time.

    Let's just move on with our lives and live at peace.