• robwjeter 11w

    Vulcan is the supreme god of fire.
    The son of Jupiter and Juno.
    Juno tried to kill him, but he wouldn't expire.
    Thrown in a volcano where his blacksmith abilities did grow.

    He was born extremely ugly with parents full of hate.
    Using that hate, he made himself better.
    Forming useful tools and deities gates.
    His reign still in force, expiring never.

    His throne is placed on Mt. Etna, boldly.
    Using his bitterness to create.
    Taking his time on masterpieces, slowly.
    The past, a distant memory to negate.

    We can learn a lesson from this mythical god.
    Our past don't define us.
    Forward, do our feet earnestly trod.
    Let's make progress without the fuss.

    #mythology #ceesreposts

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