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    Hey guys i wrote it few days back clumpsy but still i like it hope u like it.

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    For every individual who feels inferior about themselves

    I know i'm not like others maybe i'm different
    But you know what there is no one like me haha.. i may not fit inside this puzzle of the society by being perfect but i'm still happy because i'm me

    " I dont want to be a star and shine bright like others in the sky rather i will be the moon that brightens up the sky with its own light beneath the scars ".

    Being different is okay but pretending to be someone you're not and losing yourself is not okay.

    I tried several times to be like others just for the sake of comparison which made me reduce my worth until I realised I couldn't be someone whom I'm not accept me as I'm or else fuck off I dont need anyone's approval to be me and live the life I want to live.

    Be your own version be an example to lead a life on your own.

    Accept your flaws your strengths you weakness they are a part of you. If not who are you? And what you want will remain a question forever.