• charvi_mehra 5w

    Be my poem for a life time!

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    After years and ages,
    Would you let me embrace you?
    With the phases of your choice.
    Maybe, the most trivial pursuit of you,
    But only,
    You have the efficacy to turn me into a poet!
    'Cause you prefer hiding in my notes,
    As a blemished abstract to my poem.

    I know,
    Steady streams never attract anyone,
    Just like me!
    But do you know?
    I admire how the sun rises,
    Believing to live,
    And not wondering to drown at the edge!

    how Sunsets catch me like nobody else..
    Let's trade for time,
    You become my sunset,
    And I'll turn you into a immortal verse,
    really instant!

    To end is to start,
    To let is to lend,
    Letting you see through my words,
    Won't be a great pleasure, I deserve?
    Rhythmic to my silence,
    I crave for more of you!
    For my expressions or sadness?
    Lemme decide!