• arandomguysblog 5w

    Let's conversate with God, shall we?

    "Let's talk love, shall we?"
    But i am not that tumultuous.
    I only inquisition that why can i not be glee,
    Maybe it's because I am too blasphemous.

    "So menanculuous, why my son? Maybe your behaviour is less simile and more pun."

    "Let's talk about world, shall we? "
    Everything good about the world always flees.
    The imagery of this doomed world is as bad as it can be.
    You talk about others mind but mine own is not at peace.

    "So wired up are you, my son? That you always seek escapism.
    Once so beautiful, this creation of mine, now deprived of hope is filled only with aestheticism."

    "Abdicate rest, let's talk about your soul, shall we?"
    One half is shattered, the other longs for her, She still scrutinizes for a new love, while the image of our's is still blur.
    "Oh! my little son,
    Why for negativity do you always plea."

    -- Imagery of a random guy's mind.