• ridham_sharma 36w

    Eyes search for beauty
    Heart resting in corner
    You pluck the roses
    Tulips and dandelions
    It's the sweet breeze
    Passing by your hair
    Cuckoo's songs
    Heard in despair
    Seek for charm
    In the glowing moon
    Stars jeweling night sky
    Peep into the dark
    The white oblivion
    It glistens the eyes.
    Look into the weeds
    Tiny plantlets escaping
    A ray of apricity
    In the gloomy soil.
    You'll find love,
    You'll find life.
    Fire is power
    Hold the ashes
    Gracefully diminish
    Your mighty beauties.
    It's the stinking pond
    We adore the lotus
    Peep within
    Enigmas lay unknown.
    Behold the beauty
    Behold the eyes
    Soul reaches trance
    Fairylands in disguise.