• fehintola 5w


    I am as short as a hyphen
    no matter how I stretch
    i get deformed.

    I am as strong as an enamel
    but when death is crystal
    and I could see the redness
    of my eyes through her -
    i died before death.

    I have hope hanging
    on the ring of my neck
    down to my chest
    but my heart is a bed of rose
    and roses are read in the list
    of broken items - fragile.

    My heart is a courtyard
    of dried red roses,
    the weeps weeded them
    out of pain.

    I am as colourful as rainbow
    as butterfly flying across the ridges
    to make purple bridges.

    Still,it takes me forever
    to spread my wings
    and be beautiful again.

    By Oseni Zainab Fehintola