• mike_lakeman 30w

    Midgard (Composed by Mike Lakeman)

    Twas the setting sun.
    To which the lights gazed.
    Upon the moonlit shore.
    In the distance but yet a touch away.
    Where the waves broke.
    Upon the sandy shores of life.
    The babbling echo forever in the wind.
    To be carried among mountain tops.
    To weave among feuds dazzled in light.

    Twas the rising sun.
    In which true beauty awoke.
    Among the rising wildlife.
    And the sleeping owls.
    Daylight strode.
    Carrying breath far and wide.
    In fields of green and heavens of blue.
    The dazzle of light escaping the clouds.
    Life basks under glimmers.
    Seeping through the dirt stained glass.
    The hope and foundation of life.

    Twas the rising heart of life.
    Upon the heaving world.
    Only few knew of its true beauty.
    Vast and wide it shone.
    A becon of hope a becon of love.