• the_phantom 5w

    The Technology Of God Making...

    A couple of days ago we gorgeously celebrated the puja of Lord Shree Ganesha. I don't know in reality if Lord Ganesha was present anywhere throughout the world but what I noticed was that the illiterate people were more curious than that of us( literates). Now people would definitely tell me that Lord Ganesha belongs to everybody. Well, that's cool. I do agree to that. But what ached me to the core was the way Lord Ganesha was being desecrated by the illiterates while doing the Visarjan. Today I saw some people throwing The Lord from over the Mahanadi power channel bridge into the water. After such an insult should we expect any deity to come and bless us?? I think except Lord Indra and Yama no other would come because the whole concentration of a puja, now-a-days, is on meat and wine. But anyway cheers to us because at least we have the technology of God making.

    (A self observation without intending to hurt anybody's emotions.)