• zimba00 10w

    Lots and lots to share.

    My very close friend gejje got placed to a company , construction company in Bangalore and he is gonna start his new career on 18th of this month. Very much happy for him ☺️ literally celebration . It's like our buddy da obviously . Let everyone settle down. We have a very massive plan together.


    We had access to Amazon beta app which is not into market yet , we are testing it and feels like scientist dude
    Before coming into market we are having a hands on with it.
    Also the new Alexa feature to the app is super crazy , you'll love it.

    And met new friends , new joiners . Literally enjoying my work-life .

    Ammu kha yaad aata hain , but there is nothing I can do right.
    Chalo it wasn't written for me , not me but not for us to be Together . No matter how loyal or how true I had feelings for her , in the face of time I'm just a crap . Chalo respect that .

    Graduation day on 21st da. Bohot maan kartha hai jaane ke liye. But if I'm there , then obviously ammu will be there ....and I don't have such things that I see her and not talk to her. Whatever it is right . And one more thing is if I'm there she'll not feel good about it.... So it's better I'll go on 22nd da. Simply my presence , disturbing her . Why Alle ! Ada. It's better I know what will happen right obviously she'll be like why is he here ! Enn okke. So it's better to not be present on that day .
    Obviously , even her friends and my friends are mutual. I can't be like I see them and not talk to them. Then , if I go there it's obvious that ammu will be disturbed by my presence.
    So endinna Alle , let her have her day. Mine I'll see later.

    God bless her.