• sumita_panigrahi 5w

    Sometimes even if u don't want to let it happen, things never work on your favour. You have to let go the jewel that you loved the most. You are forced to and that's called "destiny".

    Though it is very heart wrenching and maybe you will become the culprit. But that's fine. Sometimes holding things gives more pain than letting go.

    Though you wanted to be with someone forever. Sometimes destiny have kept different things for u, hurting you both badly.

    Just don't harm anyone, gallop the pain and keep moving.
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    Though I know, I am losing the string but I am helpless, I can't see you in pain.
    Though I know that I loved u whole heartedly and wanted to hold you forever for eons but have to let you go because somehow unknowingly I am harming you.
    It is rightly said that, "if you couldn't do someone good, don't do anything bad to them either".