• ruthvik_kadsur 9w

    As dark as my shadow

    "Are we there yet"?
    "No" I sighed as it was 10 minutes to a milestone,
    the midday sun burnt me to my bones.

    "No" I said to this entity, the embodiment of everything dark.
    Stays with me during the strongest Storms and mental turmoil.
    Always reminding me of my limitations of freedom, always telling me to be grounded and yet to stand my ground.

    It appears strong when the sun shines bright, loses it's way when darkness creeps in.Yet never leaves my sight for the slightest moment.
    Sometimes sharp, sometimes distorted on the road, on the sand and on the glimmering water flowing beneath me.

    In my every fleeting glimpse I see it dancing to the tunes of my human machinery, sometimes long sometimes short sometimes right down to the feet,
    showing the world, of my surreal aesthetics always augmented beyond reality.
    For, it is my darkest alter-ego
    it is my shadow. We shall never part 'til death.