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    We may please ourselves by assuming that we are a superior creature in this world, ( I didn't used word think ) as reapetation of thoughts over and over again is not thinking.
    By some acts as able to walk, talk, eating by choices and doing sex for pleasure and not just for reproduction does makes us any better than all other creatures present on earth; we may also consider that we have evolved far greater as human race than other animals,
    But the question is if this is true or we just fancy this thought ( as no one is here to stop us from keep moving with this thought )
    So how and why we say that we have evolved, is their any conectarte evidence to prove this to be true.
    All the things mentioned above which we assume makes us different can be taught to some animals if not all and may be a little less, but does this makes much difference as animal can do some thing's which we human can't do to make it even and infact animals posses some qualities to such degree which is impossible for us to even imagine, simultaneously if we look closely some animal are so good at copying humans and some humans are a perfect example of animals.
    The two biggest reason we give to prove that we have evolved are

    1. We are thinking being.

    2. We have deeper sense of emotions.

    So here are two factors to consider,;

    1. Most of us and i mean almost 90 to 99% people keep repeating same thoughts which are there from ages, with or without reasoning (and this reflects everywhere we look )
    We can't consider that only we posses the quality to think various researches have proved time and again that animals plan their activities as we do , mass migration, hunting in groups, selection of mates and so on are some examples.

    2. Many species in animal world posses the same qualities of having and expressing deeper emotions, dogs ,horses, dolphins ,chimps are to name a few which we know most about, yet not much work is done related to many other species regarding this fact.

    So now the question is still remain the same why and how we are evolved beings....

    If we consider our material progress to be the deciding factor for this, it would be just a vague effort to fool ourselves as we do in many things, firstly all the inventions and or their execution is done by only a very few people which may not account to more than 1% of the population and other 99% have just learned how to use it either by copying or practice.
    The deeper sense of evolution only be realized when we start living life with our conscious choices, by connecting our life with its true purpose, to make it grander and pleasures not only physically but mentally and spiritually, to take conscious efforts of our thoughts and actions, not to just follow, not to live in reactionary state but coming in union with the nature and higher dimension of life. To evolve is to grow in our though process and developing a deeper sense of understanding towards all the things of creation. To stay focused and always be in tune with the infinite power which is ever and omnipresent not only in the entire universe but also I within us.
    To acknowledge and accept the vastness of creation and our integral role in it, to work towards growth not for self ,but for all, not thinking in mode of superiority but developing a deeper vision, developing a larger perspective towards universe and all its forces.
    Not only just in thinking but application as well, that we are a marvelous creation and always act upon if as a fact in all what we do.

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    Getting good at some different postures in bed, learning to walk, to speak a few fancy words and like wise few other things which other animal can't do is not the criteria to decide for ourselves that we have evolved;