• khushbo0 24w


    Putting them at the corner of
    the page in the teeny tiny
    alphabets of my possibly
    best handwriting in different ways,
    those dates are and were
    quite an exposition of my days.
    There have been times
    I wrote them incorrect,
    dragging them ahead or
    behind, at times
    keeping the margin of years,
    unaware of creating the
    chronology of smile and tears.
    I have been saving many of them
    as special days in order
    to be included in my memoirs,
    while few are imprinted within as
    inseperable layers.
    Attached to me for lifetime without
    needing any description.
    I would call them the tags of my life
    succumbing to die, adding up to thrive
    shaping up as a book till I am alive.