• sadia2002 5w

    Our country india is not just the country of tradition and culture but is also the mother of incredible discoveries ans sciences.. For about 10,000 years ago we knew that earth was round.. Much before the world came to know about it... We call earth "jagat"
    In sanskrit which literally means smthng having velocity... Which proves that we knew that earth constantly moves much prior the whole world got the idea about this.. Arundhti and vashishtha the stars of the bear constellation, we had plotted the rotation of these two star
    System without any telescope.. The iron pillars koluru and near qutub minar.. Are rust proof and are withstanding for more than 1000,still none of scientists have been able to make such a masterpiece.. Our country India was the first to isolate zinc from zinc ore.. We isolated it 4000 yrs before the world actually got the idea about this... We inscribed the value of π.. The reason for such miraculous discoveries was that our scientists we're saints.. They connected science and spirituality... Meditated to migrate their mind across the physical world... Our country does not have brain. It has minds.. We shall and should take pride in our country's glorified sciences and discoveries...