• kas780 30w

    This is the person with whom I can share everything,
    The one I talk with ,
    The one laugh with,
    The one I cry with.
    Whenever I'm sad,
    All I need to do is to talk with you and then I'm alright !
    All my sorrows,
    All my fears,
    All the terrors surrounding me are all cleared
    By just having a glimpse of you,
    By just having a conversation with you.
    When I'm confused,
    When everyone refuse,
    You are the one who held my hand and saved my heart.
    I don't understand MYSELF but you do !
    I don't know about myself, the way you do.
    When I want to ask somethingabout ME, I ask you,
    Because you know me better than me.
    Your love is till infinity and so our friendship.
    When I'm all broken, and I leave it alike,
    You are the one who collect and join together all the peices.
    You are my everything,
    You are my life,
    You are my MOTHER.


    @the_strongest_dart. @miss_vinnie. @the_darkest_bliss. @mindprober_jerry

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    Our MOTHER is a person just above GOD

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