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    1. There's no you in excess but there's plenty to empty.
    2. Conversations are cassettes rewinding the same song daily, they don't feel old. You are young as long as you keep talking.

    3. What do you call left-overs from the last night? A morning kiss.

    4. The last two people to leave the chair after a movie date, will marry first.

    5. With a hundred bucks in my purse, there's nothing much to buy. So I sold poems for a hundred smiles.


    1. Don't say I'm the first person to tell you that you repeated the same mistake five times just because you kept thinking about it everytime you were about to do the right thing. Paranoia chuckles.

    2. You don't fix hopes using thumbpins, hopes fix you on the back of people who walk with adhesives made of love.

    3. My wordplay is just as puzzled as your life. I'm glad one is solving the other and vice versa.

    4. My city wears grace on threads. You expect me not leave words fabricated?

    5. The name of the diary, I seldom write is "Read Often". ©Sagarika��

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