• _thoughtsoftasnim 6w

    Am I not capable of your love?

    I am so helpless sometimes that I forgot all the things. You promised me that you never ever gonna blocked me from your any social networking sites and you always wanted to be connected with me. Then suddenly, what's wrong ? Why you unfollowed me ? Am I such a creature who's you never want to see ? I love you got damn it ! Why can't you consider my feelings is it too much to handle ??? I don't know rather you gonna read it out or not I also don't know that my feelings you ever gonna considered or not I just love you wherever you are. I often think about it that is it someone else who became your habits now or you just bored over me. I don't blame you cause I am bored. I am too much possessive about you. Hey, do you remember how late I used to heard your breathing. Trust me that nights one of the best nights ever in my life. I can't get over you because I don't want to. I am feel so free when I am in love with you that it I can't describe in words. I am still waiting for your response, you told me to wait cause you gonna explained me everything that why are you behaving like this to me. Till then I am still waiting but I don't know why are you not telling me. I know you are busy these days then how come you stay all over night in What's App ? And what about your comments and you following over Instagram ? And you sharing status in Facebook ! If you really have such a free times then is it me who waiting for you unnecessarily ? I mean why are you ignoring me ? It's have been almost 5 months when suddenly an evening you started to ignoring me till now. I understand you don't want to hear my voice. You don't want to see my face . Am I so disgusted that you can't even look at me ? I love you please talk to me for a once. I have so many things to tell you.