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    Dear Grief,

    It has never been pleasure meeting you because everytime you paid a visit you made my heart feel heavy.
    I'm writing this letter to you because I believe I've spent a reasonable time around you. I don't remember when we exactly met for the first time but you have been around ever since I started understanding the difference between sorrow and joy. There were times when I could easily predict your arrival but some times your visits were so unexpected that you felt like an erupting volcano. My God the pain that your unexpected visits caused was so horrid and immeasurable, mere thought of it brings shiver down my spine.
    I will end this letter but at a different note because I believe every emotion in this world deserves some praise too and if I don't talk about this aspect of our relationship it will make me sound ungrateful which I'm not. I think you won't believe it but trust me despite all the pain that you bring with yourself, I consider you a friend. Yes, you heard me right, I consider you a friend. For this I've two reasons. One, you made me value happiness. Second, this is the most important one you've been an incredible teacher, you taught me to express myself.

    From the one who is
    still trying to answer
    the question
    "When will grief actually end? "

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    Letter To Grief

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