• prat_writes 9w

    It's all fun and games,
    Till it becomes a small offence.
    Things go out of hand,
    Sometimes too late to understand.
    Or it might be personal vendetta,
    Against the coworker fella.
    Could be an accident,
    Or well planned event.
    Sometimes it's ecstasy,
    You find them very messy.
    Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity??,
    Depends from entity to entity.
    But there's one thing for sure,
    A culprit and a sufferer.
    One can only feel fear,
    Other feels justice somewhere near.
    Evidences presented on every date,
    On this basis there's debate.
    Arguments might be satisfactory or contradictory,
    Everything rests on the jury.
    Better be disinfected from public opinion,
    Well within the judiciary dominion.