• laylaa 31w

    And again;

    And again,
    Words won't come out,
    Letter won't be written.
    It's only my mind,
    My mind keeps asking questions,
    I can't find the answers.
    Is here a safe place to be,
    Or is it there? 
    Am I a safe place?
    Am I a happy place? 
    Or a sad one? 
    What am I looking for?
    Am I selfish?
    All these are question marks with no answers,
    And the answers are the keys to my satisfaction.
    I only know one answer.
    I need support,
    I need love, 
    I need to feel something,
    Something other than sadness,
    Other than depression,
    Other than suicidal thoughts,
    Other than negativity.
    I once went to a place.
    Everyone was there, 
    But no one was there.
    I didn't feel the energy,
    I didn't feel the love,
    I didn't feel the support,
    I only saw their presence.
    8 Months ago,
    I was in a place.
    Only few were there,
    But I felt everything,
    Everything I want & need,
    I felt the love that I'm seeking now,
    I felt the support that I'm seeking now,
    I felt their energy that I'm seeking to feel again.
    There was no pain.
    This place was tiny,
    This place was safe,
    This place was a happy place,
    This place is home.
    - Layla