• ashutoshkr 10w

    The King And The Kin

    The supreme king, the one with the wing,

    got all his will but failed to win.

    His lovely kin got a dad to save,

    he worried a lot to see him win.

    He found a bag, on the back of his dad,

    the bag full of anguish, the one filled with grief.

    The king had never forgave, his suspects with a chance,

    he always thought of revenge, whenever given a chance.

    The load got poured, into the bag,

    retracting him from making his flight.

    The bag had the power of minus,

    that conquered the mighty sign.

    The kin got the bag to be emptied,

    and filled it with the potion of faith.

    His wings got an upgrade of loop,

    the loop of infinite power.

    The mighty then looked at his kin, said,

    ” Is this why people trust you?”

    The kin replied, “Yes, Its all about Faith”

    – Ashutosh. K. Revankar