• dilkiibatein 22w

    Logical definition of FRIENDSHIP:

    Well, this is actually the bond which two or more than two individual share together!! This bond is more like being Real and less like being Fake!
    You are free to act infront of your friends in the way you actually are... without the fear of being judged!! Friendship is something like living in the world where every other person is your fan and your critic at the same time! Friends are those who might bully you many times but won't allow any other to touch you!!

    Colloquial definition of FRIENDSHIP:

    Well, friendship is all about being real!! It's not necessary to use bad words or use absurdive language all the time to call your best friend! This has been seen so much on social media that if you give respect to your best friend than you both aint best friends!! No, its not like this!!
    Friendship is something like to live with the one who might not appreciate you all the time but will never listen againt you behind your back!! Friendship is that, where the friend will tell you what is right and what is wrong rather appreciating you to do what ever the heart says!!

    Lets assume, that You heard from somewhere that your friend has commited a crime by murdering someone!!
    Will you trust that rumour??!!
    A right friend is that who knows his friend from the core and will never feel unsafe while helping him out from a fake rumour case!!
    ""Friendship is not about posting pictures together and flaunting infront of others but uploading those best moments in heart!!""