• _onic__ 6w

    I'm beginning to feel 
    I've been watering plants 
    That ultimately die

    I want to breathe in peace 
    Take time to remove thorns 
    Piercing my ribs. 

    I have friends who sulk
    When not attended to 
    Should I forget my agony
    Put on a smile 
    And rant over phone calls? 

    I've a battle of my own. 
    I'm bruised and still fighting. 
    I need time to win
    Remove swords on my back
    Stitch up my wounds 
    And heal. 

    To the plants who can't stop withering :

    I don't have enough water to splash on your dry leaves
    I'm grieving 
    Allow me to breathe. 
    Be the shade that you are supposed to be
    I'm grieving 
    Let me breathe.