• adeladarling 10w

    Dear God...

    Once upon a time our world became a matrix.
    Red or blue pill? No sir I didn't take it.

    To each their own can be applied, do as thy Wilt, loving thy brother free from indifference and guilt.

    I fear not thee illusion.
    Hoping grace will free me from this confusion.

    If you Jesus would be willing to point out the way.
    I wouldn't feel this need to stay.
    There is so much left to do, kinda hoping I could still meet you know who.

    Really not ready to see thee Glorious Maker don't get me wrong I'm definitely a taker.

    I realize time is getting short, according to your Bible report.

    Is it happening?
    I don't know for certain, but my heart is heavy and won't stop hurting'.

    I love you Jesus, and the Father too.
    Please hear my prayer and I'll be right here waiting to hear from you.