• thisgoldfishbowlgetzold 6w

    Life is such a mystery

    I try to figure her out

    But her figure is like a hourglass ⌛

    Fill of quicksand

    That I keep sinking in

    as the hour pass

    So as the hour pass

    I saw my trouble past

    Under me

    Looking like

    it's lock & loaded

    tryna put a gun on me

    Shooting like

    The glock can't hold it

    Just tryna swallow me

    But I can't blame her cause i been Crooked like

    A cop who's motive

    Is blood up on the streets

    And with that in my mental

    I see life as a rental on a lease

    And u just a tenant

    Tryna squeeze every minute

    Turn those lemons to lemonade

    But me

    I like my minute maid

    muddy as a Stewie prepared dinner plate

    But that besides the point

    Tell the landlord I'm sorry for the holes on the walls

    But its just easy for me to get high and ignorant when them lows get hard