• neon_nuance_says 10w

    Take what you need

    Sometimes you must take matters into your own hands and other times into your mouth
    I knew he was having a bad day, and just wanted him to let it all out
    Are you hungry? Well there’s food here for you to eat
    Tonight, we start with dessert, starring myself as the treat
    I see eye contact is what you want
    but when I’m in the zone, my eyes tend to shut
    Use me, take from this body what you need
    Tonight, is all about you it is not about me
    Shall I rub your feet? Prepare your bath
    Massage your body, or make you laugh?
    Tell me what you want, I want to get it right
    You already know I’m going to do that thing that you like
    Perhaps I’ll go to the closet, pull out a costume
    I can be your favorite witch and ride your broom
    Tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll be your therapist
    You can be a mad scientist, and I’ll be your experiment
    50 shades of gray is cool, but your favorite hue is black
    I can be your submissive and I’d never talk back
    Can I pour you a drink? What’s your drink of choice?
    If henny is what you’re thinking, then I’m already moist
    When it kicks in you grab my neck and bite my thighs
    I swear its in back shots that you specialize
    You ask me where I want it, I say “anywhere but my eyes”
    I already know with your sweet tooth you’re making cream pie
    If you are not tired, we can go another round
    I never tire of your moans, it’s one of my favorite sounds
    Perhaps tomorrow, when I returned with a warm rag you were asleep
    Slept through the night until the alarm went “beep... beep"