• joyram 5w

    The coconut trees that stood tall!

    Rawal had a farm land behind his house. There was a grove of cocunut tress in between the house and the farm land. Rawal got his son Seval married. Both the father and son looked after the activities in the farm land and managing their families.
    Rawal lost his wife when he was 70. By the time he turned 75 he started loosing interest in life and felt that his time in this world was over. But he did not tell this to Seval but just scribbled his thought in one of the papers and put it inside a trunk box in which the documents relating to his land etc were kept. He loved the coconut trees so much. He never bought coconuts from outside. During summer he used to get tender coconuts from the groov and enjoyed drinking it with his family members. Daily he used to sit beneath the shady coconut trees and relax after lunch.

    One day he had a good lunch with sweets on a fetival day and was relaxing under the coconut trees but was not feeling happy and wanted to die soon. With these thoughts, he had slept by sitting on the chair. During one hour sleep, he dreamt a coconut from top fell on his head,  taking away his life.

    Thud! There was a big sound. Seval came out from the house running and found his father collapsing in his easy chair, trying to hold his hands on his head. Seval took his father on his lap and said " Father, I will take you to hospital". Rawal with a  faint  hand pointed out a coconut at a distance and indicated Seval that it had fallen on his head. Slowly he closed his eyes and parted from the world. Seval could not believe his own eyes and was in total shock. In the meantime family members and neighbors came out to see what had happened. Seval informed them with tears  "That coconut has taken my dear father's life. It had fallen on his head mercilessly".
    Afterwards the last rites were done. But Seval developed a grudge for the coconut trees. He decided to cut off all the coconut trees in the backyard of his house. He waited for 13 days to be over by which time all the riruals of his father's demise would be  completed so that he  could go ahead with chopping off all the coconut trees.
    He called some of his farm workers and told them to fell all the coconut trees, by the next day and that he would pay for their work. That day in the evening, around 7.30pm, when all the family members including Seval were having supper inside the home, they heard a loud noise by someone, apparently in pain. Seval and others rushed out. In the dim light , they spotted a person, lying flat on the ground, crying for help. When Seval went near him, he was holding his head on his hand, pointing to a coconut nearby, indicating that it had fell on his head and immediately fainted. Seval immediately arranged to take him to the hospital that was located about 10 km away by  requesting the village head to provide his van who had yielded to his request.

    While the person hit by coconut was admitted in ICU and was being administered with emergency treatment, it was   noticed that he was a notorious thief who committed many burglaries and also involved in a murder case . It was later recorded that while poilce spotted him and giving him a chase, he somehow managed to vanish from them . Apparently he wanted to hide in Seval's backyard for sometime and escape in the dark night. The police had already announced a reward of Rs.5 lakhs for giving tips about the thief's whereabouts.

    Selvan could not believe and comprehend the two incidents in the last two weeks involving two coconuts. In fact he was in need of money to perfom his daughter's marriage well. Neither Seval or Rawal could save much money because of family commitments. Seval had told his father that he would obtain bank loan and perform his daughter's marriage for which the engagement ceremony was over one month befor his father's death.
    Poice dept sent a message to Seval, thanking him in helping them to nab the long time culprit. The also unformed him to collect the cheque for Rs.5 lakhs from the police station after 10 days towards the reward cash. While searching his Aadhar card in the trunk box, Seval by chance happened to find the paper in which his father had scribbled his last wish. He couldn't control the tears trickling down from his eyes.
    Next day morning, when the workers came with all tools to fell the coconut trees, Seval told them" No need friends, the trees will continue to decorate our backyard. Have tender coconut as much you all want and go to the farmland for the day's work".