• amishasharma1903 9w

    Cause everybody is waiting with a Greek Valerian to receive their desired Buckwheat Flower ♥️
    #flowersindepth #desires #love #meldwithme #blendwithme #mirakee

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    Meld with me, come, blend with me~

    Honey that drips from your eyes,
    Let me taste the sweetness underneath that lies.
    The nectarine that falls from your lips,
    Let me taste it on my fingertips.
    Let us embrace each other once, let us feel each other's touch,
    In the tenderest skin of yours, let me once indulge.
    Meld with me, come, blend with me,
    Let go of yourself, let yourself free.
    I'll be holding the Greek Valerian, just give me your Buckwheat flower,
    Then let us connect our sacredness beneath the cold shower.
    I wanna render strength to your lips that quiver at night,
    Let me stop the dripping eternal tears from your eyesight.
    Come taste me now, I'm yours to belong,
    For you and I are soothing melody of a song.
    I've chosen you, in my deepest of desires,
    Countless times have I lost myself in your glinting sapphires.
    Let us feel each other,
    Let us please each other.
    Let's not seek for the ephemeral pain,
    But seek for the intense pleasure faintly that remains.