• _love_writter_ 10w

    Avani(aanu,ani,kizie and my dearest ^_^)

    I know that we would care about each other and be dearest to meet but can't due to this pandemic situation but I promise we will meet soon. I am amazed after I read that so this is for you
    We fight and rest I wanna keep aside and say that loving you is the most beautiful phase of my life and I wanna continue living in for the rest of my life and will. Knowing that and loving endlessly and chatting creating memories assumption are the best times we spend together the long and loving talks on a call and the adding someone to confirm.
    I just wanna say that loving you and making memories with you is the best part of my life and wanna continue living with you and be patient to carry ever movement of live which we spend together to make it memorable the chats the calls were something we do all day along but helping and carring are the best then comes our support for each other and with that we usually completes our day. Love you take care