• aecir_erica 19w

    I often caught myself conjuring dark thoughts. I don't know if it was just exhaustion of something else, but whenever I was in a dark place I'd think of my brother. Like what will happen if I wasn't there for him, and somehow I guess it got me through a lot of things. I know it's hard on him sometimes too, but I'm glad to have had him as my brother.

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    Being alone in your own world is scary,
    As if the sky's burden is yours to carry.
    It's suffocating,
    The thought of giving up,
    Wanting everything to stop,
    As if you just want to lay down,
    Ang forget about your frown.

    Then you see someone beside you,
    Struggling, just like you.
    Wrapped up in his own little world,
    Seemingly undisturbed.
    And for once you wish to stay,
    To wake up another day,
    To help him find a way.

    T'was enough reason to stay.