• _angesophie_ 10w

    I don't know why

    Ever since our first days
    Our future seemed so bright
    But now look at us
    Days changed as well as people.

    My days changed
    My life changed
    I changed too
    It seems to be the new me
    Though I don't know why.

    Your morning call was my daily happiness
    But I don't think I'm in need of it
    Your night call made me feel better
    But now it's better without it
    But I don't know why.

    You had the first place in my thoughts
    But now it seems to be the last
    You were part of my dreams
    And now I can't see you there anymore
    And I don't know why.

    Your words used to make me feel special
    But now I feel special without them
    Your name brought a smile on my face
    And now its a simple name like others
    I don't know why.

    Honestly, I don't know why.