• neelima1 22w


    I love you till infinite
    And I have soo much to express in
    my heart ❤️
    But whenever I see you I just forget myself
    And this whole world.
    So again I try express myself in our next meet
    But the same repeats
    Since every time I see you
    You gleam
    Your smile hauls me to other world
    Where nothing seems except you
    Your eyes held me spellbound
    Your voice makes me smile
    Your touch makes me tingle
    And I get slip from my thoughts.
    Want to express myself everytime
    But remain dumb all the time
    So came this Love letter
    To open up my hearts feelings
    My love is just incomparable
    It's larger than the sky and deeper than the ocean...
    Believe or not , your feel comes in every breath and I know it will last till my death.

    Finally, loving you with my heart and soul.....

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    From love,

    Love letter

    To love