• guruvidyapichumani 5w


    I give farewell to my sweet dream,
    Now, I long to enjoy early morning
    There is blessing in the cool breeze
    It fans my cheek,
    Opening my eyes and step into mind greenyard
    Consuming the sweet smell of flowers
    My heart fills with the songs of cuckoo
    I untie my hair,
    Leaving my body bare,
    Taking bath in the clear stream
    I'm lucky to see the first drop of dew
    Giving Liberty to all city tension
    Feeling heaven blows on me.
    Nothing better than to enjoy early morning
    I cannot miss this chance.
    It gives me more delight than anything
    The sun rises,
    Cloudy struggle hides to enjoy the eternal beauty
    Thinking to face unfinished task
    Increases more my tension,
    But the memory of early morning
    gives me relaxation.