• noelnicole 5w

    Dermont Kennedy-Rome

    You ever listen to a song on repeat
    Close your eyes and drift off to place you no longer belong. You drive yourself down those familiar roads pulling up to a place that once was your own, As you glance down at that old key rusted over with time, its useless to me now those doors have been closed for so long, locks have changed to keep the strangers away I guess you can say I'm trespassing on an old wound, there are scars on the wall from when we made out at the door and my nails used to scratch at the paint. You ever listen to a song on repeat to feel the beat pound against your chest like the first time I came to that house knowing you were inside and my life would forever change, because when you opened the door I sat on the couch, time had stopped as I looked at the clock knowing at that very second our love just begun. Have you ever listen to a song on repeat because deep down you know that after those three minutes and twenty two seconds are up reality kicks you in the face, you are no longer at that house, in that doorway, kissing that face, sitting on the couch watching the clock. It's the only time your not a stranger anymore, it's the only time you can go back and relive those moments, it's the only place now where your old key used to fit.