• khushi_bhatt 10w

    Letting it out

    All the feelings trapped in me thump my heart's walls,
    I hear them but hide them and try to avoid listening to their calls.
    At some point these feelings give up and settle down in the bottom of my heart,
    I think of unveiling them but procrastinate on the time to start.
    These feelings keep accumulating overtime and make my living hard,
    My personality looses authenticity as they flip the behavior card.
    Everyone keeps asking me what happened but I don't know what to say,
    Cause out in the open I can't let my emotions lay.
    I still strive to free these thoughts and feelings out of their prison,
    As the urge in me to inspire and motivate others has risen.
    Maybe right now is not the right time to show,
    However I will find the light that will let my emotions flow.